Liam Gallagher – As You Were [Deluxe Edition] 2017

艺人:Liam Gallagher

专辑:As You Were [Deluxe Edition]


风格:Alternative Pop/ Rock,Britpop

Liam Gallagher的首张SOLO,我觉得很一般。在别每天喷你哥了。


01. Wall Of Glass
02. Bold
03. Greedy Soul
04. Paper Crown
05. For What It’s Worth
06. When I’m In Need
07. You Better Run
08. I Get By
09. Chinatown
00. Come Back To Me
11. Universal Gleam
12. I’ve All I Need
13. Doesn’t Have To Be That Way (Bonus Track)
14. All My People / All Mankind (Bonus Track)
15. I Never Wanna Be Like You (Bonus Track)

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