Mew – Visuals 2017




风格:Indie Rock,Space Rock

《Visuals》 这已经是丹麦乐队Mew的第7张专辑。


01. Nothingness And No Regrets
02. The Wake Of Your Life
03. Candy Pieces All Smeared Out
04. In A Better Place
05. Ay Ay Ay
06. Learn Our Crystals
07. Twist Quest
08. Shoulders
09. 85 Videos
10. Zanzibar
11. Carry Me To Safety
12. Seeker Shivers
13. Heavenly Jewel Thief

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2 thoughts on “Mew – Visuals 2017


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    (2017/04/30 - 12:03)

    似乎很钟情北欧的Indie music,一如喜欢那里的宁静一般!


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