The Rifles – Big Life 2016

艺人:The Rifles

专辑:Big Life


风格:Alternative/Indie Rock,Indie Rock,Garage Rock Revival,Alternative Pop/Rock

The Rifles 这次带来了一张18首歌的新专辑,而主唱是这样解释,因为每次都将选择11首或12首出来,是一件很痛苦的事情,所以决定将这18首全部收录,给喜欢他们带来尽量的多新歌。



01. Groundhog Day
02. Radio Nowhere
03. Turtle Dove
04. Numero Uno
05. Caught In The Summer Rain
06. Wall Around Your Heart
07. Victoria
08. Jonny Was A Friend Of Mine
09. Young For A Day
10. Big Big Life
11. Motorway
12. Independent
13. Misunderstood
14. Go Do What You Like
15. Time In Hand
16. Never Been That Close
17. Heavy Weather
18. Victoria (Acoustic)


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