The Temper Trap – Thick As Thieves [Deluxe Edition] 2016

艺人:The Temper Trap

专辑: Thick As Thieves [Deluxe Edition]


风格:Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock

之前听到的”Burn”和打榜单曲“Fall Together”,都给人心里留下了激动的元素。所以听完《 Thick As Thieves》整张专辑后也是这样的预期,大气磅礴没有辜负时隔4年的光阴。




01. Thick as Thieves
02. So Much Sky
03. Burn
04. Lost
05. Fall Together
06. Alive
07. Riverina
08. Summer’s Almost Gone
09. Tombstone
10. What If I’m Wrong
11. Ordinary World
12. Providence (Bonus Track)
13. On The Run (Bonus Track)
14. Closer (Bonus Track)


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    (2016/06/13 - 01:53)

    不知不觉 又是一个四年


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