Stereophonics–Keep The Village Alive [Deluxe Edition] 2015


专辑:Keep The Village Alive [Deluxe Edition]


风格:Alternative Pop/Rock,British Trad Rock,Britpop

先行单曲“C est La Vie”和“I Wanna Get Lost With You”让我重复了无数遍,Stereophonics可以一直保持着让人幸福的质量和追随点。豪华版,赞!


01 C est La Vie
02 White Lies
03 Sing Little Sister
04 I Wanna Get Lost With You
05 Song For the Summer
06 Fight or Flight
07 My Hero
08 Sunny
09 Into The World
10 Mr and Mrs Smith
11 Ancient Rome
12 Let Me In
13 Blame (You Never Give Me Your Money)
14 You Are My Energy
15 You’re My Star (Acoustic 2015)
16 I Wanna Get Lost With You (Acoustic 2015) (Bonus Track)
17 C’est La Vie (live from the Royal Albert Hall)
18 My Own Worst Enemy (stripped 2015)


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