The Fratellis – Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied [Deluxe Edition] (2015)

艺人:The Fratellis

专辑:Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied [Deluxe Edition]


风格:Indie Rock,Garage Rock Revival

我一直喜欢The Fratellis的调皮劲,从出道开始就很有好感。所以《Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied 》我也觉得挺好。


01. Me And The Devil
02. Impostors (Little By Little)
03. Baby Don’t You Lie To Me!
04. Desperate Guy (3:38)
05. Thief
06. Dogtown
07. Rosanna
08. Slow
09. Getting Surreal
10. Too Much Wine
11. Moonshine
12. Down The Road And Back… Again…
13. Medusa In Chains
14. Imposters (Little By Little) (Acoustic)
15. Desperate Guy (Acoustic)
16. Rosanna (Acoustic)
17. Slow (Acoustic)
18. Moonshine (Acoustic)
19. Boy Scout To The End (Bonus Track)

Try it:


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