Passenger – Whispers II (Deluxe Version) 2015


专辑:Whispers II


风格:Alternative/Indie Rock,Indie Folk,Indie Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Passenger很让歌迷欢喜,去年的《Whispers》还在回味,今年就带来了新专辑《Whispers II》。新专辑将通过他自己厂牌Black Crow Records来发行,所以他决定将收入捐给英国的儿童基金会,用来帮助在西州的儿童。就是因为这样,这张新专辑才没有做各种宣传和文案之类的工作,尽可能的将利润压榨出来给那些需要帮助的儿童。用他本人的话就是:如果你喜欢,那就帮我做分享,让更多的人知道并且去分享。力挺!


01. Fear Of Fear
02. Catch In The Dark
03. A Thousand Matches
04. I’ll Be Your Man
05. Travelling Alone
06. David
07. Words
08. The Way That I Need You
09. Strangers
10. Nothing’s Changed
11. Two Hands (Acoustic)
12. Stolen Toys (Acoustic)
13. The Way It Goes (Acoustic)
14. Settled (Acoustic)
15. Timber And Coal (Acoustic)
16. Darkest Days (Acoustic)

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