The Subways – The Subways 2015

艺人:The Subways

专辑:The Subways


风格:Punk-Pop,Indie Rock

英国Punk乐队The Subways的同名新专辑,虽然乐队已经到了不温不火的地位,但是专辑中依然包含了乐队当初出道的特点的英伦摇滚加流行PUNK这些旋律和演唱都有很上耳的歌曲,同时依然带了干燥到起火的重摇滚歌曲。

Track Listings

1. My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat
2. I’m In Love And It’s Burning In My Soul
3. Taking All The Blame
4. Dirty Muddy Paws
5. Good Times
6. Because Of You (Negative Love)
7. Just Like Jude
8. We Get Around
9. Pet Boy
10. Black Letter
11. Twisted Game
12. Is That Enough


试听:Taking All The Blame


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