Cloud Boat – Model Of You 2014

Cloud Boat - Model Of You 2014

艺人:Cloud Boat

专辑:Model Of You


紧接上一张专辑不久就发布第二张专辑的做法,通常会给大家的感觉是对上一张专辑一成不变的延续,英国电音双人乐队 Cloud Boat 扛下了这次的挑战,紧接上一张专辑 Book Of Hours 14个月后就发布了第二张新专辑 Model Of You ,发行方承诺这张专辑在延续了Post Rock 和 Electroic 的风格后,将赋予更丰富,更沉重,更富于冒险的感官享受。上菜~~~

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01. Prelude
02. Hideaway
03. Carmine
04. Portraits Of Eyes
05. Bricks Are For
06. The Glow
07. Golden Lights
08. Aurelia
09. Thoughts In Mine
10. Told You
11. All Of My Years
12. Hallow

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