The Black Keys – Turn Blue 2014

艺人:The Black Keys

专辑:Turn Blue


风格:Blues Rock,Indie Rock,Garage Punk

The Black Keys俩人顶着别人要看笑话的压力将《Turn Blue》释放。然后这种压力则是The Black Keys他们自己给自己的,在释放新单曲“Fever”,鼓手 Patrick Carney对记者说:“我们在也不会把自己看做是 ‘Underdogs’,我想很多人想等我们陷入深坑,等着看我们的笑话。也许有一天我们真的‘栽’跟头了,这个世界才会变得正常”。由此可以看出,是他们的成功造就了心理上的巨大压力。对于他们来说真正的敌人还是他们自己。新专辑《Turn Blue》依然很满意,虽然单曲上榜的速度没有之前那么快,也没有那么高。但是,还是那么的出彩。

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01 Weight of Love
02 In Time
03 Turn Blue
04 Fever
05 Year in Review
06 Bullet in the Brain
07 It’s Up to You Now
08 Waiting on Words
09 10 Lovers
10 In Our Prime
11 Gotta Get Away

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2 thoughts on “The Black Keys – Turn Blue 2014


    (2014/05/06 - 21:15)

    there is an update on the black key’s Facebook page saying about the release of their latest album. i came home right away to check out you guys. mann, you guys are fast! thank you for this brilliant upload. coming here has always been one of my guilty pleasures !


      (2014/05/08 - 16:01)



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