Simian Ghost – The Veil 2014

艺人:Simian Ghost

专辑:The Veil


风格:Indie Pop /Rock,Swedish Pop /Rock

瑞典清新小资风格的Simian Ghost 新专辑《The Veil 》是一幅长篇美景之象,带来了18首歌。

1. Float
2. Cut-Off Point
3. A Million Shining Colours
4. Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan)
5. August Sun
6. The Ocean Is A Whisper
7. I Will Speak Until I’m Done
8. Secret Meadow
9. Fight Even
10. Hidden In Your Leaves
11. Be A Good Kid
12. Scattered And Careless
13. Never Really Knew
14. Strange Light
15. The River Ouse
16. Endless Chord
17. Summer Triptych
18. The Veil


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