Greg Laswell – I Was Going To Be an Astronaut 2014

艺人:Greg Laswell

专辑:I Was Going To Be an Astronaut


风格:Singer /Songwriter,Alternative/Indie Rock

《I Was Going To Be an Astronaut》是唱作人Greg Laswell特地为歌迷准备的礼物。Greg Laswell从2006年的首张到上张新专辑中选择曲目,在去年重新录制,编制。同时收录了翻唱Mark Linkous(Sparklehorse) 的”It’s a Wonderful Life”。将会给歌迷一些新的思考,谈资以及喜悦之情。


01. I Don’t Believe It’s Through (2013 Remake)
02. It’s A Wonderful Life (Sparklehorse Cover)
03. Comes And Goes In Waves (2013 Remake)
04. What A Day (2013 Remake)
05. How The Day Sounds (2013 Remake)
06. December (2013 Remake)
07. Off I Go (2013 Remake)
08. Take Everything (2013 Remake)
09. Embrace Me (2013 Remake)
10. High And Low (2013 Remake)
11. And Then You (2013 Remake)

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