Tony Dekker – Prayer of the Woods 20130

艺人:Tony Dekker

专辑:Prayer of the Woods


风格:Folk,Singer /Songwriter,Folk-Rock

独立民谣乐队Great Lake Swimmers的Tony Dekker主唱带来了首张SOLO专辑《Prayer of the Woods》,同样的优美旋律民谣风格。舒适、惬意。值得细品一下。

01 On My Way Back
02 Somewhere Near Thunder Bay
03 Final Song
04 Empty Arms
05 Prayer of the Woods
06 Hearing Voices
07 Under a Magician’s Sky
08 Land of the Glass Pinecones
09 Talking In Your Sleep
10 Carefree Highway


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1 thought on “Tony Dekker – Prayer of the Woods 20130


    (2013/11/17 - 21:16)

    试听超赞,谢楼主的分享了! 😆


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