Willis Earl Beal – Nobody Knows 2013

艺人:Willis Earl Beal

专辑:Nobody Knows


风格:Singer /Songwriter,Soul,Black Gospel

美国芝加哥的新锐黑人唱作人Willis Earl Beal带来了新作《Nobody Knows》。这张作品要比去年的更加亲民。







Track Listings
1. Wavering Lines
2. Coming Through
3. Everything Unwinds
4. Burning Bridges
5. Disintegrating
6. Too Dry To Cry
7. What’s The Deal?
8. Ain’t Got No Love
9. White Noise
10. Hole In The Roof
11. Blue Escape
12. Nobody knows.
13. The Flow


Willis Earl Beal 的图片

Willis Earl Beal 的图片

Willis Earl Beal 的图片

Willis Earl Beal 的图片

Willis Earl Beal 的图片 — @Power Lunches, Dalston. more here:…

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  • yzhang

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    Captain, thx sooo much. 听了too dry to cry, 就果断决定下整个专辑了,惊喜不断啊


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