Tired Pony – The Ghost Of The Mountain 2013

艺人:Tired Pony

专辑:The Ghost Of The Mountain


风格:Alternative Pop /Rock,Indie Folk

                 超级大团Tired Pony带来久违的新作品,《The Ghost Of The Mountain》是他们组团后的第二张专辑。团员依旧是7位才华横溢的大牌们。新专辑中主唱依旧以Snow Patrol的主唱Gary Lightbody为主,老熟人又来了,能不欢喜?


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01. I Don’t Want You As A Ghost
02. I’m Begging You Not To Go
03. Blood
04. The Creak In The Floorboards
05. All Things At Once
06. Wreckage And Bone
07. The Beginning Of The End
08. Carve Our Names
09. Ravens And Wolves
10. Punishment
11. The Ghost Of The Mountain
12. Your Way Is The Way Home
All Things All At Once by TiredPony

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  • 毛毛

    (2013/08/20 - 13:31)

    这张太有穿透力了 :kiss:

  • park

    (2013/08/19 - 04:02)

    Wow!! 必听啊~

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