Wilful Missing – Molehills out of Mountains 2011

艺人:Wilful Missing

专辑:Molehills out of Mountains


风格:Indie Pop,Indie Folk,Folk

Wilful Missing是来自英国的5人民谣乐队,因为今年要发行新专辑,所以拿出来2011年的专辑做回顾。老专辑值得推荐,新专辑值得期待。同时附带前俩天刚刚发行的新EP下载。



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  1. Cry For The City
  2. Don’t Be Scared 48
  3. Constitution Failed
  4. London Road
  5. The Waltz
  6. Like Lovers Do
  7. Powerful Pill
  8. Caught Between Seasons
  9. Wilful Missing
  10. I Am Clay
  11. Sleeptalking Over




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2013.07.19 新EP《Scarborough Fair》下载:

http://music.wilfulmissing.co.uk/album/scarborough-fair ( 点击Buy Now ,输入0元就可以免费下载了,格式个音质可以自选.)

支持水手,可以支持下面的,你懂的!^^ Have A Nice Day ~

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