The Postelles – …And It Shook Me 2013

艺人:The Postelles

专辑:…And It Shook Me


风格:Alternative/Indie Rock,Indie Rock

                     《…And It Shook Me》是 美国纽约新军The Postelles的第二张专辑,专辑风格依然秉承独立摇滚,首张专辑过后与 Kings of Leon, The Kooks, Vampire Weekend,  Interpol,The Kills等乐队一起巡演。风格也与巡演的乐队比较对口,复古摇滚中算旋律流畅型。很容易上耳。新专辑值得推荐。


Post Date:2013-05-04

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01. …And It Shook Me
02. Pretend It’s Love
03. Sweet Water
04. You Got Me Beat
05. Heavy Eyes
06. Oh My Luck
07. Caught By Surprise
08. Parallel Love
09. Waiting By Your Window
10. Running Red Lights
11. Tidal Wave
12. You Know I Won’t

The Postelles – ‘Caught By Surprise’ by The Postelles


The Postelles的照片

The Postelles的照片

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