The Leisure Society – Alone Aboard The Ark 2013

艺人:The Leisure Society

专辑:Alone Aboard The Ark


风格:Indie Pop /Rock,Folk

The Leisure Society的专辑一直很好听。新专辑《Alone Aboard The Ark》延续了The Leisure Society特有的独立风格,将民谣和独立流行继续到底。推荐。


Post Date:2013-04-02


01. Another Sunday Psalm

02. A Softer Voice Takes Longer Hearing

03. Fight For Everyone

04. Tearing The Arches Down

05. The Sober Scent Of Paper

06. All I Have Seen

07. Everyone Understands

08. Life Is A Cabriolet

09. One Man And His Fug

10. Forever Shall We Wait

11. We Go Together

12. The Last In A Long Line



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3 thoughts on “The Leisure Society – Alone Aboard The Ark 2013


    (2013/04/26 - 23:15)

    在youtube 上看到mv的时候就觉得歌和mv都很赞, 谢谢能在这里找到下载。


    (2013/04/02 - 21:42)

    MV像是某平板电脑广告 哈哈


      (2013/04/03 - 18:53)

      同感 哈哈


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