Iron And Wine – Ghost On Ghost 2013

艺人:Iron And Wine

专辑:Ghost On Ghost


风格:Alternative/Indie Rock,Indie Folk,Alternative Singer/Songwriter

                 大胡子唱作人Iron And Wine又来了,新专辑《Ghost On Ghost》仅仅与上张专辑时隔不到2年的时间。同样由4AD发行,专辑的封面和名字都是Iron And Wine的引用,封面来自Barbara Crane的摄影作品<Private Views>,专辑名字则来自新歌“Grace for Saints and Ramblers”里的歌词。新专辑中多了一些JAZZ的风格,还有更加流行化的元素。来赏吧。


Post Date:2013-04-11


01. Caught In The Briars
02. The Desert Babbler
03. Joy
04. Low Light Buddy Of Mine
05. Graces For Saints And Ramblers
06. Grass Windows
07. Singers And The Endless Song
08. Sundown (Back In The Briars)
09. Winter Prayers
10. New Mexico’s No Breeze
11. Lovers’ Revolution
12. Baby Center Stage
 Grace for Saints and Ramblers by Iron and Wine

Iron & Wine的照片

Iron & Wine的照片

Iron & Wine的照片 — Photo by Piper Ferguson

Iron & Wine的照片

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