Small Houses – Exactly Where You Wanted To Be 2013

艺人:Small Houses

专辑:Exactly Where You Wanted To Be


风格:Indie Folk,Singer /Songwriter

                    Small Houses是与民谣唱作人Pickering Pick同厂牌下,签约于 Yer Bird Records。《Exactly Where You Wanted To Be》这张春季作品已经提前2个月在关注,出差回来后,已经发行,自然不可能错过。


Post Date:2013-03-16

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1. Oh, Hiding Out  3:48     
2. Our Sweet  3:26  
3. Karen’s Song  0:39   
4. The Last Night of Summer  4:47  
5. Sarah’s Song  3:06  
6. I Saw Santa Fe  3:12 
7. Our Sweet (Reprise)  1:52  
8. Homes and Photographs


Small Houses – “Oh, Hiding Out” by Yer Bird Records

Album Review: Small Houses - Exactly Where You Wanted To Be
Jeremy Quentin - photo by John Hanson
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