Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love [Japanese iTunes Edition] 2013

艺人:Ra Ra Riot

专辑:Beta Love [Japanese iTunes Edition]


风格:Alternative/Indie Rock,Indie Rock,Chamber Pop

                      美国纽约独立摇滚乐队Ra Ra Riot带来了乐队的第三张专辑《Beta Love》,可惜的是女队员Alexandra Lawn在2012年年初离开了乐队,但是并没有影响乐队制作新专辑的脚步。顺利的诞下《Beta Love》,包含着他们巡演的故事,在布鲁克林的疯狂事迹,以及家乡的那些事。来赏吧。


Post Date:2013-01-11


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1. Dance With Me
2. Binary Mind
3. Beta Love
4. Is It Too Much
5. For Once
6. Angel, Please
7. What I Do For U
8. When I Dream
9. That Much
10. Wilderness
11. I Shut Off
Ra Ra Riot “Dance With Me” by Barsuk Records

Happy to announce that our new track “When I Dream”, off our upcoming album Beta Love, premiered on Entertainment Weekly yesterday and is now available to stream.  If you haven’t already you can pre-order the album here and get tickets to our shows here! Woop

Ra Ra Riot的照片

Is It Too Much, another new track of ours, was just premiered on an episode of NPR’s All Songs Considered, take a listen! We <3 NPR

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    哦哦哦哦 很欢乐的样子


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