Saisa – This Empty Space Returns Your Solitude (2012)

Artist: Saisa
Album: This Empty Space Returns Your Solitude
Release Date: 2012.11.06.
Label: Keep It Together Records
Genre: Ambient / Instrumental Rock / Post-Rock
Quality: Webrip / 128 Kbps CBR MP3

Saisa is a post-rock band from Japan. Very mellow, longer songs with vocals that basically act as another instrument. Only a three piece, they create a somewhat minimalist but very atmospheric post-rock sound. Someone told me they sound sort of like Sigor Ros, and I think that’s pretty accurate. This is their first EP and it clocks in right around 20 minutes or so.

  低调的三人后摇团体,来自东京。上月通过美国独立小厂牌Keep It Together Records发行的这张限量EP令人眼前一亮,人声不多,重在营造氛围,特有的编排和空灵音场自第一曲便轻易捕获人心。

01. This Empty Space Returns Your Solitude
02. Lycoris
03. Faith in Ordinary
04. Blesing the Circulation

Link to Buy (Cassette Tape, 100 Limited Copy):

Baidu (128 Kbps CBR MP3)

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