Tim Burgess – Oh No I Love You [Deluxe Edition] ACC 2012

艺人:Tim Burgess

专辑: Oh No I Love You [Deluxe Edition] ACC


风格:Alternative/Indie Rock,British Trad Rock,Britpop

                 谁能想到一位已经45岁的男人依然像20多岁的年轻人一样,对于Tim Burgess来说音乐使他变得很年轻,而且保持着一颗童心。在Tim Burgess身上里外看不出年过半百的成熟男人的各种身影,就算在他的乐队The Charlatans中也是如此。就是这样的心态,筹备多年的第二张SOLO专辑《Oh No I Love You 》到来,整体风格比首张SOLO专辑还要soft,处处充满着甜蜜的Strings,带来一股浪漫,多情男子之风。十分讨人喜爱。


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Disc One
1. White
2. The Doors of Then
3. A Case for Vinyl
4. The Graduate
5. Hours
6. Tobacco Fields
7. Anytime Minutes
8. The Great Outdoors Bitches
9. The Economy
10. A Gain

Disc Two – Remixes
1. The Doors of Then (The Spaced Cowboy Mix)
2. Hours (Tandy Love Remix)
3. The Great Outdoors Bitches (O Genesis Remix)
4. Our Economy (O Genesis Remix)
5. White Factory (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
6. The Doors of Then (Michael Cliffe House Remix)

WHITE (Radio Edit) by timburgess

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