Tom McRae – From The Lowlands 2012

艺人:Tom McRae

专辑:From The Lowlands


风格:Singer /Songwriter

                 老牌唱作人的新作品,是2010年专辑《The Alphabet of Hurricanes》的延续,作为Part 2出现。Tom McRae那种与生俱来的特别嗓音,在加上他一直贯彻的返璞归真的音乐风格,流行于世的东西,在其面前显得苍白无力,Tom McRae总是能够呈现出最为质朴的音乐。


Post Date:2012-09-23

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01. Lately’s All I Know
02. Nothing On The Dry Land
03. Sloop John B
04. Belly Of A Whale
05. Fuck You, Prometheus
06. From The Lowlands
07. Ship Of Blue And Green
08. All That’s Gone
09. The Alphabet Of Hurricanes


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