Thomas White – Yalla! 2012

艺人:Thomas White

专辑: Yalla!


风格:Indie Pop,Singer /Songwriter,Lo-Fi

                  Thomas White在The Electric Soft Parade,Brakes乐队中都表现十分出色,同时也项目多多。除了自己参与的主要项目外,还参与Patrick Wolf, British Sea Power和Sparks等乐队的演奏嘉宾。Thomas White的氛围让我有点想起创作人传奇Elliott Smith。


Post Date:2012-09-15

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Track Listings

1. All The Fallen Leaves
2. I ll See Her Again
3. That Heavy Sunshine Sound
4. Ocean Green
5. Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
6. Lungful Of Air
7. King Of The Kingdom
8. Iv e Seen The Sunrise
9. Driver s Torch
10. The English Sargasso
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    (2012/09/16 - 12:24)

    顶一个 话说百度盘比迅雷好用多了


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