The Vaccines – Come Of Age Deluxe Edition 2012

艺人:The Vaccines

专辑:Come Of Age Deluxe Edition


风格:Indie Rock,Indie Pop

奉上疫苗团新专的豪华版,这次的豪华版比普通版多了3首bonus tracks和CD2中Live In Brighton的完整收录!



Track List:

CD 1
01. No Hope
02. I Always Knew
03. Teenage Icon
04. All In Vain
05. Ghost Town
06. Aftershave Ocean
07. Weirdo
08. Bad Mood
09. Change Of Heart Pt.2.
10. I Wish I Was A Girl
11. Lonely World
12. Runaway (Bonus Track)
13. Possessive (Bonus Track)
14. Misbehaviour (Bonus Track)

CD 2
01. No Hope (Live In Brighton)
02. Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra) (Live In Brighton)
03. Tiger Blood (Live In Brighton)
04. A Lack Of Understanding (Live In Brighton)
05. Wetsuit (Live In Brighton)
06. Teenage Icon (Live In Brighton)
07. Under Your Thumb (Live In Brighton)
08. Post Break – Up Sex (Live In Brighton)
09. All In White (Live In Brighton)
10. Wolf Pack (Live In Brighton)
11. Weirdo (Live In Brighton)
12. Blow It Up (Live In Brighton)
13. Bad Mood (Live In Brighton)
14. If You Wanna (Live In Brighton)
15. Family Friend (Live In Brighton)
16. Why Should I Love You (Live In Brighton)
17. Norgaard (Live In Brighton)






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2 thoughts on “The Vaccines – Come Of Age Deluxe Edition 2012


    (2012/09/01 - 03:51)

    One of my favorites! Thanks a lot!


    (2012/08/31 - 14:47)

    thx 😆


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