Silversun Pickups – Neck Of The Woods 2012

艺人:Silversun Pickups

专辑:Neck Of The Woods


风格:Alternative Pop/Rock,Indie Rock

                        《Neck Of The Woods》会给你再编曲上突破的感受,这是最直观的尝试。Silversun Pickups 玩了一些新花样,成熟不成熟就在于此。值得欣赏。


Post Date:2012-05-05

1.“Skin Graph”  6:01
2.“Make Believe”  5:12
3.“Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)”  5:10
4.“Busy Bees”  5:37
5.“Here We Are (Chancer)”  4:48
6.“Mean Spirits”  4:48
7.“Simmer”  6:49
8.“The Pit”  4:39
9.“Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)”  5:06
10.“Gun-Shy Sunshine”  5:37
11.“Out Of Breath”  4:59

Neck Of The Woods by Silversun Pickups

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    (2012/05/08 - 22:22)

    Works now!!!

  • falling

    (2012/05/08 - 00:06)


    The link cannot open! Pls kindly fix or update and I do love this band! Thanks a lot!


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