Here We Go Magic – A Different Ship 2012

艺人:Here We Go Magic

专辑:A Different Ship


风格;Indie  Rock,Indie Folk

由Luke Temple带领的Here We Go Magic在2010年Glastonbury音乐节上扬名万里,《A Different Ship》实属佳作。细腻般的好听。赞。


Post Date:2012-05-10

01 – Intro

02 – Hard To Be Close

03 – Make Up Your Mind

04 – Alone But Moving

05 – I Believe In Action

06 – Over The Ocean

07 – Made To Be Old

08 – How Do I Know

09 – Miracle of Mary

10 – A Different Ship
Over The Ocean by Secretly Canadian

Here We Go Magic – “Make Up Your Mind” by Secretly Canadian


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