Fibes, Oh Fibes! – Album 2012

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艺人:Fibes, Oh Fibes!



风格: Swedish Pop /Rock,Synth Pop

                      好听的瑞典式Synth-pop音乐,Fibes, Oh Fibes!充满活力。新专辑《Album》表现不俗,值得称赞。


Post Date:2012-05-06


01. Intro
02. Untitled
03. Apex Of The Sun
04. Cerathonia
05. If You Ever Feel Better
06. Good For My Sould
07. Mellanspel
08. Goodbye To Love
09. From Me
10. ! (Take No)
11. A Kiss
12. Goodbye To Love II
13. Outro

Fibes, Oh Fibes! by Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Photo: Kalle Gustafsson in Mina bilder by

Photo Kalle Gustafsson    Fibes, Oh Fibes!

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