Angus Stone–Broken Brights 2012

艺人:Angus Stone

专辑:Broken Brights


风格:Singer /Songwriter,Indie Pop,Folk

                   澳洲的兄妹Angus & Julia Stone,俩人不但合作有序,自己的事情也是齐头并进。Julia Stone的前段时间《Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say》新EP的发行,于此同时个人新专辑《By The Horns》即将到来。Angus Stone俩人发行的时间差不多,只不过Angus Stone的提前泄露。最近又留起了大胡子和长头发的Angus Stone所营造的音乐更加具有诗意韵味。


Post Date:2012-05-18


01. River Love
02. Broken Brights
03. Bird On The Buffalo
04. Wooden Chair
05. The Blue Door
06. Apprentice Of The Rocket Man
07. Only A Woman
08. The Wolf And The Butter
09. Monsters
10. It Was Blue
11. Be What You Be
12. Clouds Above
13. End Of The World

Track artwork

Angus Stone的照片
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