Rufus Wainwright – Out Of The Game 2012

艺人:Rufus Wainwright

专辑:Out Of The Game


风格:Singer /Songwriter,Alternative Pop/Rock

好声音,好气氛。舒适版的新专辑,配合最近的天气坚持完美到家。Rufus Wainwright的新专辑《Out Of The Game》从之前介绍的单曲“Out Of The Game”就看的出,Rufus Wainwright是一个不会考虑市场需求的人,不迎合市场也算是Rufus Wainwright的优点。从来都是做自己的。MV里请来Helena Bonham Carter(哈利波特)来担任对口型的主角,有趣十分。来赏吧。


Post Date:2012-04-21

01. Out Of The Game

02. Jericho

03. Rashida

04. Barbara

05. Welcome To The Ball

06. Montauk

07. Bitter Tears

08. Respectable Dive

09. Perfect Man

10. Sometimes You Need

11. Song Of You

12. Candles

Out Of The Game

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