Cats On Fire – All Blackshirts To Me 2012

艺人:Cats On Fire

专辑:All Blackshirts To Me


风格:Indie Pop,Twee Pop,Alternative/ Indie Rock

开门曲“Our Old Centre Back”就露出一股嬉皮趣味风,回忆的那份氛围充斥着整首歌曲。新专辑流行小品必备。


Post Date:2012-03-29

01. Our Old Centre Back

02. My Sense Of Pride

03. A Different Light

04. There Goes The Alarm

05. After The Fact

06. The Sea Within You

07. 1914 And Beyond

08. Well Well What Do You Know

09. Smash It To Pieces

10. Its Clear Your Former Lover

11. A Few Empty Waves

12. Finnish Lace

Cats On Fire : My Sense Of Pride by Soliti


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Cats on Fire

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1 thought on “Cats On Fire – All Blackshirts To Me 2012


    (2012/04/12 - 16:58)

    最爱的就是《Our Old Centre Back》,这旋律,简单,舒服。


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