Father John Misty – Fear Fun 2012

艺人:Father John Misty

专辑:Fear Fun


风格:Folk, Singer /Songwriter,Indie Pop /Rock

                      上个月才发布完新闻,这个月就泄漏,提前近3个月。《Fear Fun》的正式封面还未公布,这就是来自上个月宣布离开Fleet Foxes的J. Tillman以Father John Misty为艺名发行的新SOLO专辑,算下来这张专辑算是他个人的第8张专辑。《 Fear Fun》将通过Sub Pop和Bella Union厂牌于5月1号发行。首支公布的单曲为“Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”,MV也同时公布,请来女星 Aubrey Plaza来做女主角,但Tillman露脸不多,成了龙套。《Fear Fun》还是以美国民谣风格为主,延续J. Tillman的创作风格。


Post Date:2012-02-08




01. Funtimes In Babylon
02. Nancy From Now On
03. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
04. I’m Writing A Novel
05. O I Long To Feel Your Arms Around Me
06. Misty’s Nightmares 1 And 2
07. Only Son Of The Ladiesman
08. This Is Sally Hatchet
09. Well, You Can Do It Without Me
10. Now I’m Learning To Love The War
11. Tee Pees 1-12
12. Everyman Needs A Companion

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