The Feeling – Singles (2006-2011) 2011

艺人:The Feeling

专辑:Singles (2006-2011)


风格:Britpop,Alternative Pop/Rock,Indie Rock

                          The Feeling首次发行了精选集,这张精选专辑《Singles (2006-2011)》精选从出道至今发行的11首打榜单曲,除了11首歌曲外,还有附带其他版本的歌曲。其中“Rose”是为奢侈品牌Burberry的 Body系列活动新录制的不插电版本。主唱Dan Gillespie Sells说:“这张精选的单曲都是可以比作一个很棒的瞬间,无论是人们通过它们知道我们,还是听到这支单曲的瞬间,都是我们值得骄傲的地方”。


Post Date:2012-01-06


01. Fill My Little World
02. Sewn
03. Never Be Lonely
04. Love It When You Call
05. Rose
06. Strange
07. I Thought It Was Over
08. Without You
09. Turn It Up
10. Join With Us
11. Set My World On Fire
12. A Hundred Sinners (Come And Get It)
13. Leave Me Out Of It (Vocals By Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
14. Rose – Unplugged At Abbey Road For Burberry Body

MV:The Feeling-Rosé(为Burberry Body于Abbey Road录制不插电版)

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