Bears – Greater Lakes 2012


专辑:Greater Lakes


风格:Indie Pop,Twee Pop

Bears这次让人等待的时间有些长,06年和08年分别在水手中介绍过俩张专辑。现在第三张专辑《Greater Lakes》时隔近4年,Bears是很纯粹的独立流行,很直白的可以听到Twee Pop的味道。一直秉承着这种春风吹拂柳叶般的洋溢风格,封面也一直暖洋洋的。来赏吧。


Post Date:2012-01-12

01. Eleven A.M.

02. You’re Going

03. From Good To Bad

04. More Left Out

05. Don’t Wait

06. The City Still

07. I Don’t Have You On My Mind

08. Perfect Girl

09. Wash My Hands

10. I Can’t Make Things Right

11. Until The Very End


Greater Lakes teaser by Bears


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Bears Cover Art

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Shortest Day of the Year EP Cover Art

Who Knows 7" Cover Art


Patrick Triato – guitar, keys, percussion
Rachel Hart – bells, percussion
Jared McGrath – keys, vocals
Charlie McArthur – guitar, vocals
Shannon Sullivan – bass
Craig Ramsey – drums, vocals

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