Los Campesinos! – Hello Sadness 2011

艺人:Los Campesinos!

专辑:Hello Sadness


风格:Indie Rock,Indie Pop

看Los Campesinos!的宣传照总是心情很好,因为他们总是一群人在照片中,热闹不说,情意,暖人心的氛围很直接打动人。虽然这次是新鼓手Jason加入,但是阵容依然保持是7人。《Hello Sadness》是他们的第4张专辑,制作人依然是老搭档John Goodmanson。来赏吧~


Post Date:2011-11-06





Track Listings

1. By Your Hand
2. Songs About Your Girlfriend
3. Hello Sadness
4. Life Is A Long Time
5. Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions)
6. Hate For The Island
7. The Black Bird, The Dark Slope
8. To Tundra
9. Baby I Got The Death Rattle
10. Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II



Hello Sadness by Los Campesinos!

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