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专辑:Troubled Times


风格:Britpop ,British Trad Rock ,Alternative/Indie Rock ,Alternative Pop/Rock

Cast在2001年解散后,经过光阴的流逝,于2010年重组,4个人John Power,Pete Wilkinson,Skin Tyson,Steve Pilgrim完整归来。并且开始着手新专辑。《Troubled Times》被产下,以一种不同于主流的发布方式公布。在CAST的官方网站中,Cast发布了新专辑的信息,并且让歌迷参与到发布新专辑的过程中来。Cast将专辑加入到了PledgeMusic,售出的部分收益将捐到慈善基金中。Cast活跃于90年代,当时没未兴起数字专辑下载,而此举动也是Cast为了适应新时代变化而做的举措。


Post Date:2011-11-03


01. Bow Down

02. Troubled Thoughts

03. The Sky’s Got A Gaping Hole

04. See That Girl

05. Not Afraid Of The World

06. Silver And Gold

07. Bad Waters

08. Hold On Tight

09. A Boy Like Me

10. Brother Fighting Brother

11. Time Bomb

12. Tear It Apart (All Over Again)



Cast ask fans to help fund new album

Cast at Isle of Wight Festival 2011


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