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艺人:Chris Velan

专辑:Fables For Fighters


风格:Singer /Songwriter,Reggae,Folk

                       09年发行了《Solidago》,当日在水手也推荐了,火了一阵子。因为《Solidago》也成为了当时个人的最佳唱作专辑,成为了大爱。Chris Velan 在时隔2年后带来了新专辑《 Fables For Fighters》,已经赏了一阵,感觉依旧,好听。Chris Velan加入了许多生活上面的东西,感觉更加贴切,来赏吧~


Post Date:2011-07-02


Two summers ago I saw Chris Velan play live at Virgin Festival in Vancouver, and my interest was immediately piqued. With the release of his fourth album, Fables For Fighters, it seems that interest wasn’t entirely undeserved.

This is mainly because the first track off of the album, “Any Number Of Ways” grabs the listener and throws them into a dreamlike whimsical world with lyrics such as “dogs showed up in an angry pack/ hounded us/we hound back.” It really gets the imagination going.

That thread is continued with “Oceans Ago,” though it is not as well-maintained. Velan’s patented use of the loop pedal is apparent here within the strumming melody. Here is the common feeling that we usually get when we are daydreaming in class or at the office: “I think that happened/but I could have dreamed it.”

After that, the album begins to tail off a tad. The main proponent of this is that most of the choruses for the remainder of the album consist of one line repeated multiple times. What does compliment them is the fact that Velan is and is surrounded by excellent musicians. “Interrogate Me” is a prime example of this, with a forgettable chorus but a great acoustic guitar melody. “You Don’t Know What You’re Asking Of Me” is also of the same vein.  

Another common element is that some listeners will connect Velan’s vocal arrangements to those of Phil Collins, as Velan himself noted in our interview. The aforementioned “You Don’t Know What You’re Asking Of Me” is the best example of this comparison, though many others will bring up Collin’s image in your head.

Velan often rides the line between coffee shop noise and brilliance, and “Hurting You Kind” is one that you’ll find in the local Starbucks. However, “There Goes Sara” is on the other side of the scale, because it’s not as generic. The story is fleshed out as “she is raised by wolves” and “she will cut you down to size/she’s got this thing for Italian guys.”

“Same Clothes” is right smack dab in the middle, as it enjoyable in its own way, but does feel a little played out with lyrics like “it took a while but I found that/ there’s nobody with these same clothes.” The first time through this song you probably won’t like it.

That verdict for Fables For Fighters; you will need to listen to it more than once to really appreciate it, which regulates it to a listen, and a tentative buy.

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