Wu Lyf – Go Tell Fire To The Mountain 2011

艺人:Wu Lyf

专辑:Go Tell Fire To The Mountain


风格:Indie Rock,Experimental Rock

                         蒙面,行为诡异,故意营造神秘气氛,每次登场都需要做的事情,虎头蛇尾般得台风,在别人看来就像一群外星人一样。而这却是Wu Lyf,全称“World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation”吸引人的地方。也是众媒体报道的噱头。Wu Lyf 自己完成了首张专辑《 Go Tell Fire To The Mountain》的制作,并且是一张没有让人失望的首张专辑。


Post Date:2011-06-12


 1. L Y F
2. Cave Song
3. Such a Sad Puppy Dog
4. Summas Bliss
5. We Bros
6. Spitting Blood
7. Dirt
8. Concrete Gold
9. 14 Crowns for Me & Your Friends
10. Heavy Pop

WU LYF – Concrete Gold by someofitwastrue

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