Kaiser Chiefs – The Future Is Medieval 2011

艺人:Kaiser Chiefs

专辑:The Future Is Medieval


风格:Indie Rock ,Alternative/Indie Rock,Post-Punk Revival

                             Kaiser Chiefs这次给了歌迷一个巨大的surprise。6月3号当日居然无征兆的宣布了新专辑发行,以官方网站为首实行了MP3购买方式,特别之处在于凯撒这次给人们一个自己编选10首歌专辑的机会,因为这次凯撒居然给出了20首新歌,无比的欣喜啊。通过官网的FLASH进行歌曲的试听选择,顺序编排,同时还有拥有自己封面的制作。这种DIY的专辑购买方式,让Kaiser Chiefs成为了各大音乐媒体网站的头条。20首歌曲实在过于庞大,目前还未细细鉴赏,不多说,各位直接赏吧~


Post Date:2011.06.04


1. Back In December
2. Can’t Mind My Own business
3. Child Of The Jago
4. Coming Up For Air
5. Cousin In The Bronx
6. Dead Or In serious Trouble
7. Fly On The Wall
8. Heard It Break
9. I Dare You
10. If You Will Have Me
11. Little Shocks
12. Long Way From Celebrating
13. Man On Mars
14. My Place Is Here
15. Out Of Focus
16. Problem Solved
17. Saying Something
18. Starts With Nothing
19. Things Change
20. When All Is Quiet

试听:Little ShocksKaiser Chiefs – Little Shocks by Miguelitooo

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