Miles Kane – Colour Of The Trap 2011

艺人:Miles Kane

专辑:Colour Of The Trap


风格:Indie Rock ,Alternative/Indie Rock

                            与年轻时的 Paul McCartney长相神似的Miles Kane在众多Project之后,多才多艺的他终于迎来自己首张SOLO专辑《Colour Of The Trap》,之前已经听过几支单曲“Inhaler”,“Come Closer”和“Rearrange” 依然属于Miles Kane特有的创作风格。听到后,十分偏爱“Rearrange”。新专辑中一共收录12支新歌。 来赏吧~


Post Date:2011.05.007


01. Come Closer
02. Rearrange
03. My Fantasy
04. Counting Down The Days
05. Better Left Invisible
06. Quicksand
07. Inhaler
08. Kingcrawler
09. Take The Night From Me
10. Telepathy
11. Happenstance
12. Colour Of The Trap


Miles Kane – Rearrange – Released 2nd May 2011 by Miles Kane

Miles Kane

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