Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys 2011

艺人:Death Cab for Cutie

专辑:Codes and Keys


风格:Indie Rock,Alternative Pop/Rock

                    Wow!  《Codes and Keys》标志着Death Cab for Cutie再次成长超越自己。在这张卓越的专辑到来之前,已经先赏过俩支新歌“You Are a Tourist”和“Underneath The Sycamore”。从这俩支新歌当时就可以断言新专辑《Codes and Keys》同样会是一个音乐盛会。一向善于编曲和制作的Death Cab for Cutie,在新专辑中又是大大的发挥了一次。这样结果就是Death Cab for Cutie每次酝酿出的作品都具有冲击波式的冲击力,大气深度的鼓点,恰到好处的键盘旋律,嬉皮、愉悦的钢琴,时而轻柔的钢琴,打鼓,原生态的吉他,干脆就十分好听的主唱 Gibbard的嗓音和精美细致的演唱。从专辑的开篇“Home Is a Fire”就已经注定,这张专辑会给每个听它的人来一个听觉宴会,丰富多彩,充分的展露Death Cab for Cutie的创作力,音乐凝聚力。《Codes and Keys》成为了Death Cab for Cutie再次具有意义的一张record,标志着grow up。


Post Date:2011-05-24


01. Home Is A Fire
02. Codes And Keys
03. Some Boys
04. Doors Unlocked And Open
05. You Are A Tourist
06. Unobstructed Views
07. Monday Morning
08. Portable Television
09. Underneath The Sycamore
10. St. Peter’s Cathedral
11. Stay Young, Go Dancing

试听:You Are A Tourist

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