Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding 2011

Different Gear Still Speeding

艺人:Beady Eye

专辑:Different Gear, Still Speeding


风格:Britpop British Trad Rock Alternative Pop/Rock Alternative/Indie Rock

就直接说吧,这个Beady Eye就是前Oasis成员在Noel Gallagher退出后,重组新乐队。估计大家早就期盼已久了,也吊足了大家的胃口。听了听,虽然少了Noel Gallagher,但是还是保持着Oasis的套路和高水准。虽然我个人觉得Oasis不可能真的散了,但是Liam Gallagher还真的像模像样出了专辑,而且很认真的证明了自己一下。专辑怎么样大家去听吧。但是还是怀念Noel Gallagher在,其实很喜欢Noel Gallagher的声音,有一种打动人心的力量。早晚Oasis会回来的,我坚信!


1.Four Letter Word


3.The Roller

4.Beatles and Stones

5.Wind Up Dream

6.Bring The Light

7.For Anyone

8.Kill For A Dream

9.Standing On The Edge Of Noise


11.Three Ring Circus

12.The Beat Goes On

13.The Morning Son

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