Iron and Wine – Walking Far From Home CDS 2010

艺人:Iron and Wine

专辑:Walking Far From Home CDS


风格:Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi

                 可爱的胡子大叔又来了,让无数人苦等3年半的新专辑《Kiss Each Other Clean》将在2011年1月25号发行。首发单曲“Walking Far From Home”已经发行。慵懒的风格让许多振奋的人安逸不少,对于我来说,依然保持着无比激动心情在聆听着3首新歌,除了新单曲“Walking Far From Home”之外,单曲附带新歌“Summer In Savannah”和“Biting Your Tail”都是新专辑为收录的歌曲。同样美妙至极。新专辑《Kiss Each Other Clean》会收录10首新歌。这样您将听到12首来自胡子大叔的新歌哦~ 期待吧。


Post Date :2010.11.29

新专辑《Kiss Each Other Clean》Track listing :

  1. Walking Far From Home
  2. Me And Lazarus
  3. Tree By The River
  4. Monkeys Uptown
  5. Half Moon
  6. Rabbit Will Run
  7. Godless Brother In Love
  8. Big Burned Hand
  9. Glad Man Singing
  10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

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2 thoughts on “Iron and Wine – Walking Far From Home CDS 2010


    (2010/11/29 - 10:20)

    忽然感觉主就在身边~ 😥


      (2010/11/30 - 08:44)

      呵呵 好可爱


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