The Thermals – Personal Life 2010

艺人:The Thermals

专辑:Personal Life


风格:Indie Rock,Alternative/ Indie Rock,Punk-Rock

                         The Thermals这张新专辑出来的效率到挺高,距上张专辑《Now We Can See》也仅仅只有一年多一点的时间。说到上张专辑,当时也算是好评的一翻,满意十足。新专辑的总长度和上张专辑保持一致,32分钟的短小精悍型。来赏吧~


Post Date:2010-08-25

Track Listing:

01. I’m Gonna Change Your Life
02. I Don’t Believe You
03. Never Listen to Me
04. Not Like Any Other Feeling
05. Power Lies
06. Only for You
07. Alone, A Fool
08. Your Love Is So Strong
09. A Reflection
10. You Changed My Life

试听:I Don’t Believe You


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1 thought on “The Thermals – Personal Life 2010


    (2010/08/26 - 04:09)

    I Don’t Believe You de Mv very interesting …


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