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艺人:Ólöf Arnalds
专辑:Innundir Skinni
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来自冰岛的Ólöf Arnalds,Múm 和Mugison 的不固定成员,拥有一副甜美、优雅、梦呓般的嗓音,听过来还有点点像Vashti Bunyan。乍一看名字误以为是Ólafur Arnalds,豆瓣上有人说他们是cousin?封面着实不好看,音乐着实很好听,专辑的制作人是Sigur Ros 的Kjartan Sveinsson 和Davíð Þór Jónsson,其中还有Björk 的献声。


“her voice is high and clear, with a gentle quaver that humanizes its otherworldly purity” – New York Times
“Lovely, transcendent Icelandic singer-songwriter writes the kind of music that populates the dreams of angels — fluttering folk songs as fragile as tiny china swans.” – Rolling Stone
“earnest, heartfelt declarations are a welcome change from the too-cool posturing of so much of today’s popular music”
– Paste
“Olof Arnalds has the kind of voice that can silence a room, such is its sweetness. And high-profile fans such as Björk have been very vocal about Arnalds’ awesome talent.”
– Time Out New York
“Arnalds is all about subtle moments of breath-taking, stop-you-in-your-tracks beauty, and none of them owes to more than the simple aggregation of voice and guitar” – eMusic
“She has a really idiosyncratic sense of chord structure and a voice somewhere between a child and an old woman! She has her own individuality, and the best is yet to come.” – Björk

Track List:
01 – Vinur Minn
02 – Innudir Skinni
03 – Crazy Car
04 – Vinkonur
05 – Svif Birki
06 – Jonathan
07 – Madrid
08 – Surrender [ft. Björk] 09 – Allt I Guddi

Innudir Skinni

Download:160kbps Webrip 目前而且很可能9月份前只有低音质。

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